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Find Your Website URL

Your Website's URL Link is the gateway to your site. You can use the link to spread and share your site on the internet. 

To find your Website's URL:

  1. In your Editor, click on the SITE123 Logo Icon at the top corner.
  2. Click on Return to Dashboard.
  3. In your website's Dashboard, find the box with your website's Name and Domain.
  4. The Name will show the name of your website (the one you gave), while the Domain is your website's current URL. You can also check which Premium Package you have.

Please note:

我慢せずに、今日あなたのウェブサイトを作成しましょう! ウェブサイトを作成

今日だけで US 上では 1711 以上のウェブサイトが、SITE123を使用して作成されました!